Applied Intelligence Division

This department strives for the development of new technology for socialimplementation using AI (Artificial Intelligence) directed at output, which conducts production system design, skill extraction, and education system design. Concretely, we are aiming the creation of products/service system that possesses overwhelming international competitiveness by skillfully combining the AI cognitive technology centered on deep learning, which is rapidly developing today, with the hardware and infrastructure technology the Graduate School of Engineering of the Faculty possesses. For instance, automation of the works by construction machines using the cognitive technology, automatic diagnosis basedon medical images or automation of chemical plant control can be considered as possible applications. The commencing point of our methodology is the information selection necessary for the solution of our target problems, and we are conducting research and development on elements that emphasize circulation development of information system, such as collection of real world data necessary for the information selection, physical devices including the high-performance sensor required for the data collection, processingmethod selection for digital triplets data, service construction that utilizes the web technology and its continuous improvement, and support for human manufacturing. At our department, the knowledge acquired through past artifacts engineering researches is used as the overall framework, and the research and development of real world hardware development elements is conducted through utilization of the resources of the research by the Graduate School of Engineering. Through such a strong collaboration between two disciplines, social implementation technology of the artifacts including the cutting edge AI technology is being built.

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