Value Creation Division

In order to realize the next generation manufacturing, it is necessary to unify the physical products, the service to supply them and the social system to actualize these, and attempt value creation. This does not only mean the concept of the said product service system. Instead, it builds a service system in a wider sense that integrates incentive creation to people and society, designing of social system and the life cycle. In this department, we will approach these challenges by employing a new concept called digital triplets. This is a concept with a triple-layer structure that builds on the concept of digital twins, whichis a cyber-physical system that connects the real world and the digital world in a one-to-one relationship, by adding the world of intellectual activity. Digital triplets enable thinking with an integrated framework that includes the intellectual activities of the creator, and therefore its essence is the fact that it can clarify the value creation process. This department will strive toward the creation of an ecosystem (social system) that enables growth and evolution of the system within the society after the introduction of the product/service bythe maker and the user through the society looking after the system in the form of maintenance and upgrading. The department contributes to the realization of a sustainable society through creation of such an ecosystem.

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