Cognitive Mechanisms Division

For the next generation manufacturing, the ability to accurately understand the potential needs of the society and present the value offers that correspond with these needs is required. For such an ability, it is important to research, develop, and employ the method that is user-driven and maximizes their values instead of the method driven by the technology of the creator. If we understand the society as “the entirety of users, creators and everyone involved in the products and services, and all other products and services generated by these”, it is necessary to elucidate the mechanism of how people understand artifacts (cognitive mechanism). A research that integrates arts and science that includes psychology, which studies human cognitive process, is required for achieving this. The main characteristics of people using products/services include the usability (easy/difficult to use), taste (like/dislike), and attitude (active/passive), and hence, their relationship must be optimized. For instance, smartphones and cars are mutually beneficial. However, their inappropriate combination can cause the danger of “distracted driving”. At this department, we are conducting researches to elucidate how human recognizes artifacts and interacts with them in order for the products/services created through the new generation manufacturing to be optimally integrated into and accepted by the people and the society, and contribute to the production of artifacts beneficial to these.

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